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U6, U7 & U8 Sunday Football Development Centre

U6, U7 & U8 Development School in Partnership with Reading FC Pre Academy 

The Aim of the Development School

A stepping stone in the development of players.

A vehicle for selection for'Reading FC Pre Academy.

A Pathway to 'Eldon Celtic JFC' teams, playing East Berks League on Saturday's

To support Improving your skills for your grassroots club


The principal aim is identify and prepare players to play for Reading FC Academy  by replicating coaching methods used to enhanced progression. In addition pipeline players into the Eldon Celtic JFC teams. We will also accept players from other grassroots teams into our Sunday Development School. The training should be seen as additional, developmental in terms progressing a young player. 

Showcase matches & festivals

Reading, Chelsea, Fulham, Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, & Oxford 

Most age groups across Eldon Celtic that operate at Elite level will be invited to take part in Showcase events or trials. For these event its essential the level of the players selected are able to cope with the additional pressure, speed and quality of play. For these reason and  types of games we will occasionally select recommended players from outside of our existing Elite  teams. Also its important you regularly attend training, continuously improving game to give yourself the best CHANCE of success. 

Many Different Types of Players

All need determination






U6 & U7 Development School

Training: Thursday's between 5.30pm & 6.30pm

JMA School, Northumberland Ave, Reading

U6, U7, & U8 Development School in Partnership with Reading FC Pre Academy 

Training: Sunday's between 10.30am and 11.30am

The Forest Academy Dome, Winnersh, RG415NE

How are players selected?  

Players will be invited to a free trial session. We will then review and advise on best fit for each player if they remain within our structure or our coaches will signpost where possible alternatives if so desired. We will work on an Elite performance based system to development players through training and in-house matches. Our coaching team will regularly observe through training. Some of the advanced players may be asked to train with the Reading FC pre academy. 


Parents/guardians  also welcome to contact us for a conversation regarding trial sessions (contact details below)

Is there a cost?

Yes. There is a monthly cost or you can opt to pay for the season up front.  Kit is also required to be purchased for training and friendlies. 

Boys are Girls can attend our sessions.

To register for taster sessions please email David -

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