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U6, U7 & U8 Sunday Football Development Centre


Game Ready !!!

Why Would I Attend???

You would attend to improve 

Technical Levels

Intelligence of the game


Speed, the ability to react or move



All players need to be technically good with the ball, this allows you to play in tight spaces. People will notice your improvement during training and matches making it easier for you to showcase your talent. 


Intelligence of The Game

You will start to believe in your ability  and consistently  perform at your very best in every situation, even under  high pressure and during important matches. You will improve your ability of when to pass and when not to pass, when to move into space and using skills at the right times. Your game intelligence will increase your coachability and heighten your profile.



Improve confidence, personality and leadership,  qualities scouts look for, which allow you to perform at high levels. 


Moving into space and decision making.  Speed of thought mean your reaction times will be a lot faster , meaning you sum up situations quickly,, with the ability to pick out the right pass, even when you're under heavy pressure.  



U6 & U7 Development School

Training: Thursday's between 5.30pm & 6.30pm

JMA School, Northumberland Ave, Reading

U6, U7, & U8 Development School in Partnership with Reading FC Pre Academy 

Training: Sunday's between 10.30am and 11.30am

The Forest Academy Dome, Winnersh, RG415NE

How are players selected?  

Players will be invited to a free trial session. We will then review and advise on best fit for each player if they remain within our structure or our coaches will signpost where possible alternatives if so desired. We will work on an Elite performance based system to develop players through training and in-house matches. Our coaching team will regularly observe through training. Some of the advanced players may be asked to train with the Reading FC pre academy. 


Parents/guardians  also welcome to contact us for a conversation regarding trial sessions (contact details below)

Is there a cost?

Yes. There is a monthly cost or you can opt to pay for the season up front with a discount.  Kit is also required to be purchased for training and friendlies. 

Boys are Girls can attend our sessions.

To register for taster sessions please email David -

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