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The overall and long term vision of Eldon Celtic JFC is to continue building a local football club that is both successful and sustainable on and off the pitch.



To develop players from all age groups with exceptional level of coaching, training, and life skills to enjoy grass roots football of the highest standard. 


 Our training system is delivery in highest standard, with influences from Europe, Futsul and Street Football. 


We are One Team – Team Eldon Celtic JFC

Understanding our vision, mission, values and competencies is vital to form a strong culture for Eldon Celtic and it’s players to thrive. As we seek to align our efforts and behaviours to the Eldon Celtic way, we position Eldon Celtic to better serve our players and one another each day.


Do it Right:  We do things the right way without cutting corners


Be Curious:  We stay relevant by constantly learning and developing


Fixate on Challenges:  We work hard on keeping things simple and we never give up


Be Respectful:  We respect each other’s differences, value diversity and listen to one another


Execute: We do what we say we do


“Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is.” Source: Johan Cruyff"

Deliver the Difference

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