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Eldon Celtic


Coaching Corner

Club Website's coaching section contains a wealth of advice to help you improve your overall team performance.


The 'Coaching drills' section contains a comprehensive video library of drills designed to improve all aspects of your game. In addition, we bring you advice on tactics and coaching methods to help improve your team's performance on the training pitch and on match day.

Coaching Drills

Passing & Receiving

  1. Wall passes

  2. Long passing technique and control of the ball

  3. Short passing and one-twos

  4. Chip pass technique

  5. Combining short, long and one touch passing

  6. Overlapping and fitness

  7. Receiving and controlling the ball

  8. Receiving and turning

  9. Receiving and keeping momentum of attack

  10. Controlling and passing under pressure

  11. Short passing and interchanging positions

  12. Awareness, first touch and accurate passing

  13. Passing and moving to create openings

  14. Passing and movement in tight areas

  15. Passing and changing the point of attack

  16. Possession play and playing with your head up

  17. Concentration and passing technique

  18. Passing, receiving and finishing

  19. Passing, receiving and making angles

  20. Volley passes and concentration


  1. Build up play and finishing

  2. Shape, switching play and finishing

  3. Fast break and innovative passing

  4. Fast break attacking

  5. Quick passing and quick thinking

  6. Attacking wing play

  7. 1 vs 1 attacking

  8. Improving first touch and ball skills

  9. One touch finishing around the box

  10. Movement, overlaps and finishing


  1. Running with the ball at speed

  2. Turning at speed

  3. Running at speed with a finish

  4. Beating a defender with skill

  5. Dribble and take technique

  6. Agility with the ball

  7. Change of speed and direction with the ball

  8. Skills when dribbling

  9. Dribbling and protecting the ball

  10. Communication and intelligence when dribbling


  1. 1 vs 1 defending

  2. Defending in pairs

  3. Stopping forward passes

  4. Regaining possession

  5. Defending and recovering

  6. Defending as group

  7. Defensive with compactness and communication

Game Tactics

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